Men of Grit – Strong As Steel


Men of Grit – Strong As Steel



Men of Grit Strong as Steel is a bold call to confront the crisis of modern masculinity, particularly with the Christian community, Many Christian men are lost and exhausted, lacking self-control and struggling to lead their families or fight for their beliefs. Negative self-perceptions hinder their confidence and ability to fulfill their God-given roles, leaving them vulnerable to addiction and destructive behaviors. This weakness prevents them from rising up as the mighty warriors they were created to be.

However, God created men to bring Christ-like strength into the world and stand against the forces of darkness. To do so, they must rediscover the path to true biblical masculinity and cultivate a warrior mentality. They must face life’s challenges and fight against the allures of comfort and complacency.

Through a focus on the building blocks of strength found in fatherhood, faith, fellowship, and the forge of the daily grind, author Jerry Adams offers a framework for building strength into the lives of men, their sons, and those they lead. By prioritizing strength of body, mind, and spirit and fueled by the power of God, men will position themselves to lead with respect from their peers, wives, and children. This strength is necessary to fight and conquer life’s challenges, break down the gates of hell, and lead many into the kingdom of heaven and victory


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